MAY 2013

NYC BM Newsletter
Issue #1- May 2013

Welcome to the NYC Burning Man Monthly Newsletter.

Our goal is to provide local, E. Coast regional and BRC info for and about our Burner Community. This is also a great outlet to streamline and disseminate information about deadlines and events pertaining not only to Burning Man but also to local community and participatory gatherings.

This is for the past, present and future Burners, young and old, seasoned and new to get the information which will help them/you plug-into the community the way that suits you best, with…

-Day events and Night events
*{have kids and/or just want a picnic/outside gathering? Looking for a Newbie orientation? Want an all-night party? Here, there’s something for everyone!}

-NYC and E. Coast events & Burns
*{can’t get to the Man in Nevada but want to burn locally? Look no further..actually look below}

*In this issue

BRC Official Info and Deadlines

0. THE 2013 TEMPLE

1. Mutant Vehicle Questionnaire Deadline(BRCHQ-San Francisco, CA)
2. Ranger Training in Canada (Toronto)
3. Burns Around the World (MAY Edition)

Events & Happenings

4. NYC Happy Hour@ Double Down (East Village-NYC)
5. NYC Burning Man “Social Hour” in the Park (Greenpoint-Brooklyn, NY)
6. Creating Playa Art Event? (Soho-NYC, NY)
7. NYC Dance Parade (Manhattan, NY)
8. NYC CORE Roof Top BBQ (Queens, NY)
9. Kostume Kult Camp Meeting & Info Session (Manhattan, NY)
10. P.O.C. People of Color Meet & Greet PotLuck BBQ (Bushwick-Brooklyn, NY)
11. FIGMENT NYC-Meet & Greet (Union Square-NYC, NY)
12. Mischief DC and PLF (Party Liberation Front) (Washington DC & Richmond VA)
14. MAYHEM (North Carolina)

Call For Participation, Donations & Art Work Proposals

15. NYC 2013 CORE: Star of the City (New York, NY)
16. “PIPPIN ON THE PLAYA”- Artist, Acrobats and Performer Call (Washington DC and Beyond)
17. ALL that is FIGMENT (Washington DC & Boston)
18. Empire Fire Collective-Call for Dancers, Drummers and Safeties (Brooklyn, NY)
19. BRCH3 Theme Camp –Call For Campers (New York, NY)
20. Help Build a 10 seat Bike with Shamandome (NYC, NY)
21. PETER HUDSON-ZOETROPES-2014 (San Francisco, CA)

Burners in the Spotlight

22. Indiana Burners on PBS (Indianapolis, IN)
23. SPARK: A Burning Man Story (SXSW Review & Trailer)


*****BRC Official Info and Deadlines*****

0. THE 2013 TEMPLE



For more information of the beautiful structure go to


1. Mutant Vehicle Questionnaire deadline
2013 Registration Questionnaires
Mutant Vehicle Application: Open until May 15, 2013 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time

2. Ranger Training
(Toronto & Montreal)

We will have ranger training in Toronto on May 26.
If you are interested and want more information email
martin sneath

3. Burns Around the World

AfrikaBurn – May 1-5, 2013 – Tankwa Karoo National Park, South Africa

Saguaro Man May 2-5, 2013 – Snowflake, Arizona

InterFuse – May 2-5, 2013 – Boonville, Missouri

Burning Flipside 2013: Bandersnatch Booby Trap – May 23-27, 2013 – Austin, Texas

Playa del Fuego – May 23-27, 2013 – Baltimore, Maryland

Scorched Nuts – May 23-27, 2013 – Rutland, Ohio

For the full list go to:

*****Events & Happenings*****

4. NYC Burning Man “Happy Hour” @ Double Down Saloondd

This is the NYC longest running weekly Burning Man Happy Hour.
5pm-8pm+ @ Double Down Saloon

Featuring your bar maiden Abby!

Want a mid-week surge of burner energy? Got ideas that you want to float informally? Have questions about tips for planning, packing, or other logistics? Want to find out about theme camps, art projects, or volunteer departments to get involved in? Have advice or items to gift or share? Come by the weekly Happy Hour to casually meet and mingle. Newbie and veteran burners–and friends–are encouraged to stop by.

It’s a great way for Burners old & new to meet and exchange information.
Their happy hour 2-4-1 drink specials run until 8PM. Make sure you check the backyard/patio!
Want to be a guest “host” on behalf of a group or project? Let the ad hoc Happy Hour committee know: Nicole P; Dan Finton; Dana Voehl; O Man; and Abby.

5. NYC Burning Man “Social Hour” in the Park mctrees
(Greenpoint-Brooklyn, NY)

As a family, park & sunset friendly alternative to our on-going Happy Hour at Double-Down Saloon the NYC Regionals in association with the Empire Fire Collective are hosting an outdoors

“SOCIAL HOUR” WEDNESDAY May 8th 8pm-10pm.
*(McCarren Park-the corner of North 12th btw Berry & bedford)

Bring a snack and/or blanket, come out and watch the Fire spinners practice while chatting with other Burners in McCarren Park on the corner of North 12 and Berry. Though this is a no-alcohol events, for those wishing to “wet their whistles” locally, there are extremely convenient location around the corner including Brooklyn Brewery and the Whiskey Shop.

We hope to see Burners “New and Sage” come out!

6. “Creating Playa ART” Event? image
(Soho-NYC, NY)

If you have an art piece you are creating for the 2013 Burn and
you want to crowd source some of your funding, listen up:

Us NYC regionals have come up with a creative event that you can display some aspect of your soon to be created playa-art and the crowd attending this event will personally fund it!
The event will take place in SoHo at a Galley/Event space on May 19th. If you want to take part, please email and let him know about your project and what you plan to bring to our May 19th event (we are accepting all types of Playa art/cars/classes/creative endeavors but email now, space is limited).

7. NYC Dance Parade HELLO100byBex
(Manhattan, NY)

Calling All Hoopers!
THE BEX presents: All is LOVE

Join the army of hoopers who will dance down Broadway in the NYC Dance Parade May 18. Be the sea of glittery spirally beauty that brings Figment to life June 8. Bex Burton, aka THE BEX, nationally acclaimed hoopdancer, teacher, and the hoop behind HELLO!100, brings ALL OF THE HOOPERS together in a new work, All is LOVE. For more information and registration details, visit

b e x b u r t o n
Pilates, Thai Yoga, Hoops and Fire

8. NYC CORE Rooftop BBQ  Print
(Queens, NY)

NYC CORE: Star of the City invites you to our first of many roof top barbecues!

Come meet the CORE Team and have some delicious food. We’ll have the grill running all day bring food and drinks to share. We’ll also have some food and beverages for sale and all the proceeds from this event will go towards the CORE Project!

Come and find out how you can get involved in making this project happen!
For more info on the project you can visit our facebook page:

or Sign up for our mailing list:

If you want to volunteer you can fill out our volunteer sheet:

And Don’t forget, We love you!

9. Kostume Kult Camp Meeting & Info Session and Save the Date: Black and Light Ball  KostumeKult
(Manhattan, NY)

Kostume Kult and Disorient Present: Black and Light Ball 2013
Date: June 1, 2013

Details of this well-loved annual collaboration to be released very soon!

Join the Kostume Kult ( and Disorient ( Facebook groups to make sure that you dont miss out!

Kostume Kult Camp Meeting & Info Session
Date: Thursday, May 9, 2013
Time: 6:30 PM – we all leave
Where: Madame X, 94 W Houston St (Between Thompson and Laguardia)
Facebook event:

Come and join us for our first camp meeting to learn more about what we do on playa, how you can get involved, and who we are. Our crew is shaping up fast, but we have some openings for new and old friends to get onboard. Happy hour social for the first hour, and then a more formal meeting and information session on the second floor, followed by more happy hour afterwards

10. P.O.C. People of Color Meet & Greet PotLuck BBQ poc
(Bushwick-Brooklyn, NY)

Yes Virginia, People of Color attend Burning Man!

So, you have heard stories, rumor and more about this annual gathering out in the desert.
Get the real scoop on this magical event!

Grab a drink, grab a dish and come on out as we share stories from the
perspective of folks of color, while we nourish our mind, body and soul…..
If you have (or have not) been to Burning Man before, you’re more than welcome to jump on
in and participate! We are looking for folks to help share their experiences.
Yes…the NEW YORK CITY regional gathering is open to anyone who defines
themselves as a Person Of Color.
We’re talking about connecting and developing workshops, events celebrating all the spices of the world and shades of the rainbow.

For More info/deets contact: Sel @

11. FIGMENT NYC Meet & Greet   fig
(Union Square-NYC, NY)

The next Meet & Greet is May 20th at Sidebar (corner of 15th St & Irving) from 7-10pm.

12.Mischief DC and PLF (Party Liberation Front)pfl

(Washington DC & Richmond VA)

are throwing a huge fundraiser for the Castle of Mischief to go to the playa this year, our third Intergalactic Speakeasy, on Sat, May 18th.
Details: Grab those blasters, fuel up your rockets, and don’t forget to strap on that bootlegger flask, Mischief and PLF are back and ready to
teleport you to the Castle at the End of the Universe! Join the coolest cats, the hottest dames, and the minions of Lord Acidonius as you step through the wormhole to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, where our performers will dazzle your senses as you get
down to our funky swing sounds.

$20 adv / $25 door
100% of proceeds will go to Castle of Mischief, and future Mischief and PLF burn events.
DJs and Dancing in the Andromeda Dance Hall, the return of the Milky Way Cabaret, and so much more!
Silent Auctions, Raffles and Castle of Mischief swag will all benefit Castle of Mischief fundraising efforts!
You’ve never seen a more wretched HIVE of scum and villainy. You know you want to.

Announcing Your Cosmic Rulers of Rhythm!

Baroness of Booty (Teknacolor Ninja)
King of Crunk (Mr. Jennings)
Pirate King (EZ Almighty)
Master of the House (Sequoia)
Titan of Tunes (DJ Throdown)
Sir KnightTime (Michael NightTime)
FB event:

(Waltham, MA)
Gear up for FIGMENT Boston with an evening of innovative art & performance
in a truly inspirational environment.

FIGMENT Boston and the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation (CRMII) invite you to IMAGINE FIGMENT, a celebration of interactive art, creativity, and a culture where anything is possible!
Explore this innovative museum surrounded by roving minstrels, awe-inspiring aerial performances, interactive light sculptures and installations steam-powered by the imagination. Join us as we gear up for FIGMENT Boston 2013!
May 31, 2013, 7–11 PM
Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation, Waltham, MA

ENVISION – $35 Admission
• Full Access to CRMII Exhibits
• Interactive Art & Performances
• Hors D’oeuvres
• Beer & Wine
• Raffle & Silent Auction

*INVENT – $50 Admission
• INVENT Level Lounge
• Special Hors D’oeuvres & Champagne Toast
• Preview of Silent Auction
• Limited Edition FIGMENT “Gear Up” Pendant

/ # 781 367 4992
Please contact us if you’re interested in bringing art or performing at the event.
*FIGMENT 100 members receive free INVENT admission. Stay tuned for more information. Visit to learn more and join the FIGMENT 100.
14. MAYHEM                 mayhem
(Wilmington NC)

You can always come to MAYHEM! in Wilmington NC.
May 17th -19th

Everybody needs a bit of MAYHEM in their life!!!!

It’s on a river. And the theme is time. Too small to be a self sustaining official burn, 350 people, but we shake it down hard, and uses the 10 principles, and all proceeds go to creating a dangerous ride at Transformus
(NC official regional burn)


*****Call For Participation, Donations & Art Work Proposals******

15. NYC 2013 CORE: Star of the CityPrint
(New York, NY)

As many of you know The NYC CORE Project – Star of the City, was accepted as one of the 24 CORE projects by the Burning Man Organization and we are starting in earnest to get the project moving forward and built. We want to get up to full speed quickly and we want the NYC community involved!!!!

If you are interested in plugging into the community and being part of an Amazing Art Build…Reach out…Say “Hi” and Jump in!!!

We’re getting this project on is feet and we need your help!
*(no experience require, just desire to be a part of something AWESOME!!!)

This is your moment to help build:
-a connection with the community
-a skill set (or 2 or 3 or 4….)
-a beautiful piece of Art
-a positive vibe in NYC..the World
-a piece of history

Check out the links below and connect with us! or email us at

16. PIPPIN ON THE PLAYA     pippin

Pippin, the musical, is the story of a young man trying to find his way in the world, guided by a troupe of players who encourage him to ultimately set himself on fire to leave his mark in their “grande finale”. Now, imagine this journey taking place in Black Rock City, a first time burner trying to figure out where he fits in, how he can make a difference in the world, surrounded and guided by wacky players of all stripes. He tries to find his Corner of the Sky, while a
veteran Burners tell him to pay attention to the Simple Joys and to enjoy the moment before there’s No Time At All. There are spectacular sparkle ponies who just want to Spread A Little Sunshine, and War Is a Science in the Thunderdome. And of course, there is nothing quite like
the Morning Glow of the Temple at sunrise. After a long night on the playa, who hasn’t experienced feeling a bit frenzied and frazzled? We just need a helping hand to put us on The Right Track. Pippin, like all of us, strives to be Extraordinary.

So I totally have this vision of setting Pippin on the playa and filming it. And I need players! I am looking for people who understand the need to find a balance between hard work and focus to bring a crazy art project to life, and the reality of playa time and how plans are sometimes futile. I am good at herding cats, but I need cats who are willing to be herded. I work as a professional theatre director, but I have also directed the DC Burner Choir a number of times as well, so this is a balance with which I have experience. 😛

I will be auditioning people over the next month, either in person or video. You don’t have to be in or near DC (where I am), though bonus if you are! Most roles are currently open. All experience levels welcome, but as you will be rehearsing your music largely on your own,
you need to assess your comfort level with that. I hope to meet somewhere on the east coast over the summer, possibly at a burn prior to the end of August. (for those of you who are familiar with the current Bway revival, I SWEAR I came up with this idea before I knew about the concept of the players as circus performers!)

Lots and lots of details still to be worked out…I just have this crazy notion and want to see if others would like to join the ride! Shoot me a message if you are interested and we’ll go from ther3
Debbi in DC
17. ALL that is FIGMENT fig

GET Involved!!!!


(New York City)

FIGMENT + ENYA (Emerging New York Architects of the AIA) + SEAoNY (Structural Engineers Association of New York) are building their 3rd pavilion on Governors Island to be featured at the participatory arts extravaganza FIGMENT NYC 2013! The City of Dreams Pavilion will be a gathering place for people to meet, learn about the arts programs on the island, be able to enjoy a performance or lecture, and experience the interaction of art in the historical context of Governors Island. Check out the video here!

The City of Dreams Pavilion presents the opportunity to allow emerging architects, designers, industry professionals, students, public space enthusiasts, and a world of other people the chance to become part of building one of the next exciting public spaces and public pavilions of NYC!

The theme for this year’s pavilion is Head in the Clouds, a venue where visitors can lose themselves in both the cloud-like structure, as well as the clouds in the sky around them. This amazing structure requires the hands of hundreds to help build it. Construction has begun, and the designers are inviting everyone to help build it throughout the months of April, May, and June. Join us as we work together to build one of the next exciting public spaces of NYC and Governors Island! Volunteer builder shifts and details here. See you soon!

To see the video of the City of Dreams Pavilion 2012-2013: Head in the Clouds. Check it out here:  To help build this amazing project, check out the build schedule here:

(Boston, MA)

Please consider supporting FIGMENT Boston by bringing your art, volunteering your time, or joining the FIGMENT 100!
People who join the FIGMENT 100 help sustain us year-round by sending $5, $10, or $20 a month. Please donate to FIGMENT BOSTON online, either as a one-time donation or by joining the FIGMENT 100.You can make a huge difference to FIGMENT with a small monthly donation and the more people on board, the merrier! Tell your friends that you’re part of FIGMENT 100 and invite them to join you!

We thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the Greenway for FIGMENT Boston 2013, Saturday & Sunday, July 27 – July 28!

(Washington DC)

FIGMENT DC will be September 28th and 29th at Anacostia Park in SE Washington, DC.

Art submissions for this year’s event will open in early May. So get your thinking caps on and ponder the possibilities. We’d love for you to join us for a weekend of participatory creative exploration! Not familiar with FIGMENT DC? Check out our website!

18. Empire Fire Collective-Call for Dancers, Drummers and Safetiesfire
(Brooklyn NY)

Hey NYC Burners!

Do you like fire?
Do you like drumming?
Are you looking for a way to participate in this year’s burn?
The Empire Fire Collective needs your help. We are a new conclave of fire performers from all over New York and New Jersey who have come together to create art, have fun, develop fire skills, teach, and burn stuff. We welcome performers of all skill levels: newbies, seasoned performers, and fire-curious. We believe that anyone who can safely spin fire and make the necessary commitment should be able to be part of the awesome experience of spinning under the man.

We are still looking for a few safeties, drummers, and possibly performers for this year’s burn. We rehearse every Wednesday from 8-10pm at McCarren Park in Williamsburg.

If interested in participating, Please come to one of the next two practices: Wednesday, May 1st (That’s TONIGHT), or Wednesday, May 8th.

McCarren Park on N. 12th Street
In Between Bedford & Berry

For more information, please contact Sunny V at
You can also check out our facebook group: Empire Fire Collective – Facebook


Sunny V
Shin – Empire Fire Collective

19. BRCH3 Theme Camp –Call For Campers footBike
(New York, NY)

BRCH3 Bike Repair are a group of hashers who camp together and provide bike repair services on playa. Beer, bike repair and the burn, what’s better than that? We welcome experienced burners and newbees. Interested in BRCH3?
Go to On-On.
20. Help Build a 10 seat Bike with Shamandome smallheaderphoebedrawing  shamancycleanimals

Shamandome is building a 10 person bicycle for Burning Man 2013!
We are launching our Kickstarter this afternoon to get finishing funds for our awesome green community transportation!

Help us build a giant multi-user Eagle Bicycle with Beautiful Metal Wings and Flaming Eyeballs! It is Green Art Transportation! All lights, music and devices onboard will be run by pedal and solar power.

The Shamancycle is completely made from re-cycled and re-purposed metal, welded, brazed and forged into a poetic symbol of what our community represents: the healing of the planet, and of ourselves, and of our children.

The Shamancycle was designed and imagineered by East Village artist Phoebe “Songbundle” Legere of Shamandome Camp. Phoebe is a transmedia artist. She creates works that combine music, dance, visual art, sculpture and renewable energy technology. The Shamancycle is being built by Phoebe, volunteers from Shamandome and members of Curious Forge, a maker’s collective in Grass Valley, California.

Please watch for our Kickstarter launch tomorrow. And thank you so much (ah ho!) for “liking” our Facebook page Go to to learn more about the way designers and engineers, artists and activists are coming together to make a vehicle of energy transformation.



21. Peter Hudson-ZOETROPES-2014 PH
(San Francisco, CA)

Lucky for us, Peter Hudson will be creating another of his incredible zoetropes for Burning Man 2014. In case you weren’t aware, a zoetrope cylindrical device that produces the illusion of motion from a rapid succession of static pictures; instead of drawings and shutters, Peter uses sculptures and strobe lights to achieve the same effect. In the past, he’s used his formidable skills to bring swimmers, divers, monkeys, and rowing skeletons to life on the playa, and around the world. We’re not going to tell you the details of his project, as he prefers to unveil his creations in Black Rock City, but you can darn well be sure it’s going to be amazing.

Please support his project if you’re so inclined:

*****Burners in the Spotlight*****

22. Indiana Burners on PBS IN
(Indianapolis, IN)

Heya folks! Earlier this month the Indiana Burners held a Potluck, Costume Swap, and Fire event at a local bar that’s been super wonderful to our community. During that time we were being filmed for a short vignette for the local PBS station’s Art of the Matter (you might know it from NPR, now it’s on PBS, YAY pictures!). Here’s what was turned in:

We feel super special getting to do this and share a little of our burner community with the larger Indiana community.

April / Poosie Kat
Indiana RC

23. SPARK: A Burning Man Story (SXSW Review)  spark
“Only three minutes into the film, and I knew I would have to go to Burning Man sometime in my life. After watching the film, I realized that may not be as easy as imagined.
The documentary Spark is about how the elusive festival in the desert, Burning Man, came to be and is today. In this moment, what do you really know about Burning Man? Before watching the doc, I knew very little. I knew it took place out in the desert, it was something like five days of hippies dancing in the sun, taking as many drugs as possible and commemorating the entire experience by burning a huge statue of a wooden man on the last night. Come to find out, my predictions were not too far off. Although the festival is a week-long and there is much more involved than hippies getting high in the desert. It’s much deeper than that…”
Full Article

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