This is a new resource for all things related to the NYC Burning Man Community.

-Local Fundraising Events
-Call for Participation
-Cross Regional Events & Burns
-CORE Updates

and more.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Burner Community,

    We’re reVITALize – A “Leave No Trace” Art & Education Program. Our goal is to bring the collective consciousness of Burning Man to the outside world through a recycling program that engages kids all across the country. We’ve collected thousands of toothbrushes through kids in their schools this year to raise awareness for the over consumption of plastic material in the world. We chose the toothbrush as a symbol of plastic that kids can identify with. We’re making a giant disco ball out of the toothbrushes that will be suspended 100 ft in the air lighting up the desert at this years Burning Man festival. Please go to out indiegogo page to learn more about our amazing program and to donate in helping bring our project to the playa.

    Please go to our reVITALize indiegogo page at: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/revitalize-2013-burning-man-desert-disco-ball-build/x/4195739

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