JULY 2013

NYC BM Newsletter
Issue #3- July 2013

Welcome to the NYC Burning Man Monthly Newsletter.

Our goal is to provide local, E. Coast regional and BRC info for and about our Burner Community. This is also a great outlet to streamline and disseminate information about deadlines and events pertaining not only to Burning Man but also to local community and participatory gatherings.

This is for the past, present and future Burners, young and old, seasoned and new to get the information which will help them/you plug-into the community the way that suits you best, with…

-Day events and Night events
*{have kids and/or just want a picnic/outside gathering? Looking for a Newbie orientation? Want an all-night party? Here, there’s something for everyone!}

-NYC and E. Coast events & Burns
*{can’t get to the Man in Nevada but want to burn locally? Look no further..actually look below}

*In this issue

BRC Official Info and Deadlines

1. Ticket Fulfillment concludes (July 15)
2. Disabled persons vehicle app  (July 31st)
3. Press app due  (July 31st)
4. STEP Closes- Secure Ticket Exchange Program (July 31st)
5. Burns Around the World (July Edition)

Events & Happenings

6. “CO-DEPENDENCE DAY!” NYC Meet & Greet (s) & Happy Hour (July 3 & #2 TBD)
7. PEX (July 4-8)
10. EPICENTER – OUTLAW SPEAKERBOX Launch & Camp (July 13)
11. IGNITION NW (July 15-21)
12. 2013 FIGMENT Boston (July 27th & 28)

Call For Participation, Donations & Art Work Proposals

13. Balloon Chain – Kickstarter
14. NYC CORE – Kickstarter

BRC Official Info and Deadlines


1. Ticket Fulfillment concludes (July 15)


All of your Ticket “Gotta know” is on this page.

2. Disabled persons vehicle app  (July 31st)   


Let’s face it: Black Rock City is huge, and it grows larger each year. How does one navigate such an expanse? It’s daunting. Human (foot and bike) power is the standard mode of transportation in Black Rock City, but as Burning Man continues to grow, and BRC expands to accommodate its population, more people are tempted to fall back on their attachment to driving to get around.

With a city of tens of thousands of people, and the problems inherent in human-vehicle interaction (over the years we have seen severe injuries and even death due to vehicle-related accidents), it is critical that Burning Man remain primarily a city for pedestrians and bicyclists. The only vehicles that may be driven at Burning Man are staff and service vehicles, vehicles for people with a physical disability, and Mutant Vehicles.

The Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) was created in 1997 to address the very real challenges of non-human powered driving at Burning Man. It was the alternative to banning the movement of vehicles at the event altogether. Black Rock City can only accommodate a small number of vehicles being driven. If you wish to bring your Mutant Vehicle to Black Rock City or require accommodation due to a disability, you must go through the DMV licensing process.


3. Press app due  (July 31st)   


This Burning Man Press Resource Center is designed to help journalists prepare for the event. All media outlets must register with Burning Man prior to arrival in Black Rock City. The Media Team is here to help you get your story, but the most important thing to remember is that you are a citizen of Black Rock City and are expected to comport yourself accordingly.

Burning Man is a private event, and photographers, videographers and documentarians wishing to capture images intended for public distribution are required to sign use agreements that will be emailed upon approval of a project. Our review and written permission is required to use any image from the event publicly regardless of its commercial intent; no public use of images is allowed without this written consent.

If you are shooting film or video only to show your friends and family, you do not need to register as press. Information about personal use video cameras can be found here. Personal use still cameras – cameras which use film and only capture still imagery – are permitted and do not require a written agreement, but any image use beyond personal use must be approved in writing post-event.


4. STEP Closes- Secure Ticket Exchange Program (July 31st)

To sign up to participate in STEP go to your Burner Profile anytime after 12pm (noon) PST February 28th 2013. Burners who have an extra ticket to sell can submit it for sale through the STEP system, and those wanting to purchase a ticket can sign up to join the STEP queue to buy.

For more information about STEP, see the STEP section below as well as our Frequently Asked Questions.


  5. Burns Around the World (July Edition)


-FIREFLY -Boston (July 3rd-7th)

-NOWHERE – Germany/UK/Spain  (July 9th -14th)

-ELEMENT 11 – Utah (July 11th -14th)

-BURN IN THE FOREST – Vancouver (July 11th -14th)

-CRITICALLAND – Seattle (July 15th -21st)

-TRANSFORMUS – North Carolina (July 18th-22nd)

-SOAK: The Oddity Emporium – Portland (July 18th-21st)

Events & Happenings

6. “CO-DEPENDENCE DAY!” NYC Meet & Greet (s) & Happy Hour (July 3 & #2TBD)


The Happy Hour Crew and NYC Regionals are planning two “Meet & Greets” for you this year!  Please join us for the first one this Wednesday, July 3.


Burning Man doesn’t happen in a void. (Okay, actually it kinda does. But you know what we mean.) The event is all about working together to create the most amazing week of the year for everyone attending.

Come and learn  how you can: learn from, ask of, lean on, camp with, volunteer for, work with, cook for, craft with, share an RV with, get a ride from, ship your stuff on, make art with, create gifts for, swap blinkies with, well, you get the picture.

Representatives of Rangers, CORE Project, Thunder Gumbo, Ghost Town, Fluffers for BRFQ, DPW, French Quarter, Tsunami Bass, BRC Airport & DMV, Burning Survivors, Container, Reformata and MORE will be on hand to answer all your burning questions!

Wednesday, July 3
Burning Man Happy Hour
Double Down Saloon
14 Avenue A
Starting at 6pm
2-4-1 drinks till 8

7. PEX (July 4-8)    


This year PEX Summer Festival brings you over 70 musical guests from around the globe. From amazing live bands and world-class DJs, to mesmerizing Fire & Dance, this year’s bill is the most exciting yet. We can’t wait to share in the awesomeness with you. And while great care and thought was put into all the amazing music acts, live bands and DJs that help create that one-of-a-kind PEX Summer Festival experience, we’re careful to never forget that the Complete Lineup of the festival is built by you.


Who bring the Theme Camps
Who create the Art
Who build grounds
Who burn The Effigy


Who teach The Workshops
Who play with fire
Who transform Art CabinT Row
Who light the lights and sound the sounds


Who work your ass off and play even harder
Who offer a simple smile or simply contribute to the inexplicable vibe


ARE The Complete Lineup of PEX Summer Festival. Thank you, with all we got.

Only 7 days to PEX Summer Festival!

Facebook Event Page
Join our Facebook Group
Join our Mailing List


8. THE DESERT FOREST (Jul y 6)    


The Desert Forest Fundraiser

July 6 from 2pm – 10pm

Havemeyer Park

49 South 4th Street in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Dance all day with the Wolf+Lamb family as we kick off the summer with a Domino Forest Funraiser Party!

DJ sets by Wolf+Lamb/Zev, Nick Monaco, Nicholas Matar, Smirk & Friends

Come join us in The Domino Forest, a unique large-scale immersive art experience that will transport you to another world.  The Forest’s swaying leaves and soft faux-fur understory create an intoxicating simulation of nature amidst the cityscape. This is a place to experience deep relaxation, a space for inspiration, and childlike playfulness.

About the park: Havemeyer Park is an urban park space located across from the old Domino Sugar factory. Over one acre in size, it is a multidimensional space that plays host to large scale interactive art, an urban farm, a bike trick trail, a reading room, and way more!

All proceeds go to support the construction of the Desert Forest, to be installed at Burning Man in August.

Suggested donation begins at $25 at the door, $20 until June 28.

See you in The Forest!
TICKETS: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?489435
RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/665180493499430/?fref=ts
WEBSITE: http://www.thedesertforest.com



The NYC Container goes on sale Wednesday, July 10 at noon EDT.

After you’ve dusted off from PEX but before you are too crazy to have spent all your money on sparkles and shit.
Our website will have the details.

Here’s the deal:

A. You are required to read the WHOLE WEBSITE. It has important information on it about packing, buying, etc.
B. Space is sold in cubic feet…not square feet.
C. No refunds, so don’t horde. And no refunds, so measure well!
D. You will be signing legal forms, so if you share your space with someone else, make sure you trust them!
E. No BIG BOXES that you can not lift yourself. Seriously, if you have to have a team of people lifting it, you can’t load it. (exceptions for art and themecamps only). But we WILL turn you away and no refunds. You read it here.
F. IF YOU ARE BIG ART…we are not an art moving company. I promise. So if you are loading on for someone else or you are having someone else load your art, let’s chat. Seriously, this won’t go well otherwise.
G. No BUYING FOR A RICH BOSS who just doesn’t feel like dealing him/herself. Unless we have already had this conversation, don’t even think about it. This NEVER goes well.

We are scary and mean and all that stuff, so follow the rules and things will go well! Otherwise, we have ogres and goblins that find you on the playa and steal all your good stuff…..growl.

We are truly looking forward to another wonderful year of container bliss. We will do a call-out for day-of volunteers close to load-in!

All our burning love,

Cinemagirl and Nickname and the whole damn container crew.

10. EPICENTER – OUTLAW SPEAKERBOX Launch & Camp (July 13)

TB 1

TBE BM Fundraiser
Camp Tsunami Bass Experience


TSUNAMI BASS invites one & all to join us as we celebrate our ongoing mission in collaboration with burner Bruvistas from around the world at the second installment of EPICENTER on Sat. July 13th, 2013. For this, our sole fundraiser for Camp Tsunami Bass Experience at Burning Man 2013, we are rolling out our playa installation, the body~sonic TBE~WaVe, powered proper by the full force of the Tsunami Bass Sound System, which now feature 8 playa retired burner hand-crafted LABHORN subs.Deluging golden spirals that’ll make you smile whilst blissing out in our multi~sensory environment featuring analog feedback immersion delivered by resident visualist Cineomeba, as well as performances by Floasis Fire Crew, Dancers & more, its gonna be a multi~sensory dub~flip~trip along 10 o’clock & deep playa at the House of Yes. All this for a mere $10 on the pre-sale tip~>>http://tsunamibass.com/epicenter or $15+ at the door, t’is thebest deal in town for sure!!

In addition to showcasing the finest North American live fusion bass culture from our local and national faculty, this lovingly produced slice of Booshwick playa will also serve as an album release launch for the latest project by our illustrious host MC ZULU!! His forthcoming CD #OUTLAWSPEAKERBOX is jam packed with collaborations, including NYC’s very own Alex Ferguson a.k.a Barney Iller, and you can get your copy, as well as official Tsunami Bass merch at this event to fully support our collective creative endeavors!

See our flyers with the full line-up of performers here~>>Epicenter:03:OutlawSpeakerBox Facebook Invite

We hope you will join us to experience a whole new dimension of bass culture appreciation and enlighten your perceptions! T’is high time & tide to let go of them quantum strings and fall forward, into the future!! not backwards into the past….

Cheers ~}*{~ ShiZaru & Morphous, Tsunami Bass


11. IGNITION NW (July 15-21)


I am on the board of directors for Ignition Northwest in Seattle and am doing outreach networking to share our event nationally with other regions.  I would like to cordially and personally invite you to come to our greater Seattle area’s regional event, Critical Northwest. Our theme this year is “Criticaland: The Jankiest Place on Earth” (July 15th-21st) and we have an entire, full sized county fairgrounds within which to house our week-long shenanigans, no time limit on sound and an airport conveniently located adjacent to the site!! (just in case you have a plane… 😉 Janky carnival is the flavor, expect allll kinds of twisted, burnerific awesomeness. It would be a wonderful treat to see some of you at our event!!


Karen Sloane
Ignition Northwest

12. 2013 FIGMENT Boston (July 27th & 28)


July 27-28, 2013

Rose Kennedy Greenway


FIGMENT is an explosion of creative energy. It’s a free, annual celebration of participatory art and culture where everything is possible. For two days this summer, it will transform the Rose Kennedy Greenway into a large-scale collaborative artwork, and then it’s gone.

Saturday, July 27 — 11AM – 11PM
Sunday, July 28 — 11AM – 6PM

the Rose Kennedy Greenway
Click here for directions

How Much:
FREE! FIGMENT is a free, non-profit event, and we do not accept corporate sponsorships.

What to Bring:
Whatever you need for a day of fun. For specific ideas or if you have specific questions, view our list!

Call For Participation, Donations & Art Work Proposals

13. Balloon Chain – Kickstarter

Balloons' end

Robert Bose and Michael Cha are the artists who are bringing Balloon Chain to Burning Man this year.
We have set up a Kickstarter campaign to assist me in bringing Balloon Chain back to the playa.

TITLE:  Balloon Chain at Burning Man Kickstarter Support (NYC Art Project)

SPONSORING GROUP’S NAME AND CONTACT INFO:  Robert Bose balloonwrangler@gmail.com

INFORMATION:  This summer, NYC based balloon artist, Robert Bose, will be bringing his large scale, trippy art installation, Balloon Chain, back to Burning Man.

In years past, he has funded his art project out of pocket, taking out pension loans to pay for the helium, balloons, line, tools, LEDs, batteries, and all of the other supplies needed to make Balloon Chain happen.
This year, his pension loans have been maxed out and he needs your support to bring Balloon Chain back to the playa.  He has set up a Kickstarter campaign to help him pay for his materials and his new, kick-ass, interactive, super bright balloon lighting system.


14. NYC CORE – Kickstarter


10 Bucks…

May not get you a cocktail at the Plaza or an 8 o’clock movie ticket in Union Square or a carriage ride through Central Park or even entrance to a super swank party at an undisclosed location, BUT…

it Will connect you to your community and to the project of joint effort and love which goes by the name of 2013 NYC CORE: Star of the City.

YOUR art piece, OUR art piece represents for the New York Community five wings, five arcs, five points, five boroughs of strength that is not only New York City, but also the New York City Burning Man’s Community symbol of Tenacity and Perseverance.

On or Off playa you can be part of  this project and experience.

When completed, the Star of the City will be a towering 20-foot tall structure.  It will be part of Burning Man’s Circle of
Regional Effigies where regions from around the world present structures that are representative of their local communities.

So not only are we building an awe inspiring and poignant art piece, but we’ll be doing so with close to 100 members of the New York community -which should include you. So, in order to bring the Star of the City to life, our team needs to raise a lot of money for its construction and cross-continent installation.

We’ve already received lots of financial support/faith in the project but we still need you! The Kickstarter campaign is up to fund the remainder of what we need to make this project happen. Please consider joining the team, with a little financial faith ($$) and sharing with your friends.

To make a donation visit our Kickstarter page:

For updates and to share with your friends visit our Facebook page:

Thank you so much for your support and I hope to see each of you in the near future.