August 2013

NYC BM Newsletter

Issue #4- AUGUST 2013

Welcome to the NYC Burning Man Monthly Newsletter.

Our goal is to provide local, E. Coast regional and BRC info for and about our Burner Community. This is also a great outlet to streamline and disseminate information about deadlines and events pertaining not only to Burning Man but also to local community and participatory gatherings.
This is for the past, present and future Burners, young and old, seasoned and new to get the information which will help them/you plug-into the community the way that suits you best, with…
-Day events and Night events
*{have kids and/or just want a picnic/outside gathering? Looking for a Newbie orientation? Want an all-night party? Here, there’s something for everyone!
-NYC and E. Coast events & Burns
*{can’t get to the Man in Nevada but want to burn locally? Look no further..actually look below}

*In this issue

PRE-PLAYA (East Coast)

1. Newbie Picnic and Orientation (NYC – Central Park July 30th)
2. DISORIENT presents: COUNTRY CLUB (Upstate NY – Aug. 2-4)
3. PHILADELPHIA  CONTAINER LOAD-IN (Philadelphia – Aug. 10)
4. NYC CONTAINER LOAD-IN (New Jersey – Aug. 10th)
5. Camp Tsunami Bass in Booshwick presents EPICENTER:03:Wave Particle Duality Camp (Brooklyn – Aug. 10)
6. Second Annual Bathroom Beacons Toilet Bowl-A-Thon & George’s Birthday Celebration! (Brooklyn – Aug. 11)


7. Broken Angel Bathhouse


8. ‘Dimension of Accessibility’ (BRC DoA) located in Center Camp at 7 o’clock!  (Anytime)
9. The Fairy Princess Tent… (Anytime)
10. Burning Survivors Walk to the Temple (Monday 6pm)
11. Burning Man 50k AND 5k (Wednesday 5am)
12. NYC CORE 2013: Star of the City (Thursday 5:30pm)
13. Support the Empire Fire Collective! (Saturday Night)


Zhenya Shabs– The Sexy Russian Woman
Andrew Sewell (aka Dr. Mercury – Connecticut Regional)



1. Newbie Picnic and Orientation (NYC – Central Park July 30th)

WHAT:  Newbie/Virgin/Burner Picnic!
WHERE: Central Park – the Great Lawn (South End)
WHEN: TUESDAY JULY 30th  (Raindate Wednesday July 31st)

Starting about 6pm
*First time going to Burning Man and have questions?
*Wondering about That Thing in the Desert and want to learn more about it?
*Been a few times and want to meet other community members?
*Been a bunch of times and want to help answer questions and share your experiences with new burners?

Bring a chair, blanket, water.. snacks to share, an open mind and great energy! We’ll be gathering at the South end of the Great Lawn of Central Park starting at about 6pm.
(Look for the balloons)


2. DISORIENT presents: COUNTRY CLUB (Upstate NY – Aug. 2-4)

2 hrs. from NYC, 3 hrs. from Boston.
Exact location will be sent to ticket buyers week of event.
No tickets will be sold at the gate
Tickets & Info:
RSVP & Invite Friends:
Country Club is deep chilling with Disorient. It’s three days of off the grid relaxation where blissful self-reliance meets massive multiplayer participation. It’s a blank canvas for music, fire, art, and performance, where every host is our guest, and every guest is our host. Create your own art and interactivity and come to play! There is no vending at Country Club, and no vending is allowed . Bring everything you need for survival and well-being including shade, food and water. You may bring your pets but please be mindful of them, as there are coyotes in the area. Most of the camping site is in the woods. This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event.


3. PHILADELPHIA  CONTAINER LOAD-IN (Philadelphia – Aug. 10)

***Space still available***
The 2nd Philadelphia Container to Burning Man is on Sale! The demand is high, so please get your tickets before space fills up!
Please read the following information carefully!
Hello! Due to the extreme demand this year, we are opening up a second container to BRC.
1581 N Randolph Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
1581 N Randolph Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

There is no guaranteed arrival date on the playa. Once it leaves Philly, we have NO control. It has been made it clear to the shippers the nature of the shipment and that it can be an issue of someone’s survival if the container is late. Don’t pack perishables or your prescriptions in the container!
Home Depot:
Please pack into these yellow topped bins. These bins have been tried and proven from years of shipping gear to BRC. Space on the container will be sold in 6 cubic feet increments for $54, which roughly translates to $9.00 per cubic foot. If you have odd sized items that do not fit in these bins, you will be responsible for the volumetric rectangular space it takes up. We will not refund,
ALL BIKES MUST BE BOXED. ONE (1) STANDARD BIKE BOX IS EQUAL TO TWO (2) TICKETS. You must purchase 2 tickets per bike box


4. NYC CONTAINER LOAD-IN (New Jersey – Aug. 10th)

It’s almost that time, the lot is reserved, the containers ordered, here’s a quick rundown of what everyone needs to know.
This is a community event, come load, help, eat, drink, be merry.  We have a good team of volunteers, we’ve been doing this now for 8 years. We’ll all be working hard, while having a good time.
Read it, Please, really read it first.
Date: Saturday Aug 10th.
Time: 9am-6pm, each purchaser has been notified of a load in time window, please adhere to it. Showing up at 9am when you’re loading in at 4pm will NOT get your stuff on any quicker. We’ll just put you to work.
Where: Parking lot at the intersection of Warren and Morgan Sts
(350 Morgan for GPS)
Jersey City, NJ 07301.
For those not driving, we are 1 block east of the Grove St Path Station. for maps, etc.
Know what is not allowed on the containers. Explosives, flammable liquid or gases, this includes anything that had flammables in it before, no compressed gases, this included canned air.  No illegal substances, we are ultimately responsible for what is loaded and we will not end up in jail so you can have a good time. Any questions refer to the website. Make sure that your bins/boxes/whatnot are properly labeled.
This should include:
Your Real Name-Your Real Address-A working contact number.-Playa Name-Camp Name-Camp Address.
It’s important that you put your real name and contact info on everything. If there is an issue w/ the containers and you want your stuff back, I’ll guarantee you the shippers or authorities are not going to bother to try to contact Little Lord Puffy Pants, they will reach out to John or Jane Doe. If you have any odd shaped, over sized or really heavy items, contact the container at ASAP.
Remember while we have people helping w/ Load In, you are responsible for getting your stuff on and off the containers. We do not provide help on the playa, so plan accordingly.  We do not offer lifts, hand trucks, derricks, cranes, trains or automobiles either in JC or BRC.  Make sure you are prepared to load and unload your stuff w/out help.
Waivers: If you are loading gear for someone else, make sure you have a notarized waiver, you can get a copy by emailing Without the waiver you will not be able to load anything onto the containers.  The waiver confirms that YOU are taking responsibility for their stuff.
Volunteers: A call will be going out this week, we need people to measure, parking badgers and a host of other parts to play. If interested, send me a note,
Remember, we are Volunteers and we GUARANTEE NOTHING.

Nickname, Cin and the rest of the Container crew.


5. Camp Tsunami Bass in Booshwick presents EPICENTER:03:Wave Particle Duality Camp (Brooklyn – Aug. 10)

Camp Tsunami Bass Experience
The Booshwick campus of the Tsunami Bass Experience Multiversity of Bass Culture Appreciation (first established in Black Rock City at 10 o’clock & Graduation in 2011) is proud to sponsor a special community gathering intended to both educate & facilitate, EPICENTER:03: an experimental exploration into Wave Particle Duality. Enter the Tsunami Bass LAB~oratory, discover your zone of proximal development and refreshen those multi-sensory perceptions on SATURDAY, AUGUST 10th, 2013.
Sadly this will be our final event at the current HOUSE of YES so we fully intend to make it extraordinary as well as Extraterrestrial!! We will be presenting a very similar version of our playa experience we will be delivering at our home in BRC at 10 o’clock & E.T. We hope you will join us as we continue the Tsunami Bass mission by showcasing some of the finest low-frequency producer “professors” in North America, utilizing the full force of the TSUNAMI BASS SOUND SYSTEM to deliver their lessons! We hope you will join us to experience a whole new dimension of bass culture appreciation and enlighten your perceptions! T’is high time & tide to let go of them quantum strings and fall forward, into the future!! not backwards into the past…. Cheers ~}*{~ ShiZaru & Morphous, CampTsunami Bass
For details click here
Or if you prefer to pay at the door discount password, simply provide the The Camp Tsunami Bass Experience address on playa for 2013!! to your lovely door being.

BB13 orange sticker psprint v3tbowl1

6. Second Annual Bathroom Beacons Toilet Bowl-A-Thon & George’s Birthday Celebration! (Brooklyn – Aug. 11)

Do you have what it takes to win the title of Toilet Bowl Champion?
The Toilet Bowl is a bowl-a-thon and party with costumes, booze and great music to benefit the Bathroom Beacons Project. Please join us for the Second Annual Toilet Bowl-A-Thon and George F. Ingalls birthday on Sunday, August 11th 2– 8:30 PM at The Gutter in Brooklyn, NY!
BOWL! Form a theme team– haul out those costumes and come up with a name.  Or show up stag and we’ll hook you up!  You might get to join the Sexy Nurse team! DRINK and DANCE! Even if you don’t want to bowl, booze it up at The Gutter’s full bar and move to the grooves of this fabulous DJ Lineup:
– SmallChange (No Parking NYC | WFMU)
– Barney iLLer (Vitamin B NYC | Mischief)
– Tim The Enchanter (Vitamin B NYC)
– Orange Krush (Disorient NYC)
– Lucky (NYC DJ debut)
WIN! Fabulous prizes will be awarded to bowlers for:
– Best Team and Individual Costumes
– Most gutters rolled with the bumpers on
– Lowest Individual Scor
– Team with highest pledge amount
It’s $15 to bowl preregistered ($20 at the door), including the shoe rental, if you’re into that sort of thing.  If you just want to drink, dance, and laugh, we request that you pledge one of the theme teams for $15.
For more details, and to register, visit the Facebook event page here:

LAST CALL (for Participation)


7. Broken Angel Bathhouse

Calling all dusty playa souls… The Broken Angel Bathhouse is looking for campers! If you are a playa homeless and need a camp check us out! We are looking for all kinds of people especially those that love to make people happy!  We offer massages, healings, bath salt readings and much more!  So please email Dani at and dont forget to check out our facebook page!   See you in the dust!!!




8. ‘Dimension of Accessibility’ (BRC DoA) located in Center Camp at 7 o’clock!

The Dimension of Accessibility is a new name for an old camp providing VITAL services to the disabled burners in the interest of RADICAL INCLUSION.  We are looking for campers to join us, both able bodied and disabled. Visit our website for more info.
We offer playa tours 4x daily, as well as transportation services out to the burns for the disabled and able bodied, the disabled are served first. We have a charging station for electric wheelchairs, a wheelchair friendly Bus and tips for disabled burners – available to you on the Playa and at our website at We will have a workshop on how to make your Camp, Art or Artcar wheelchair friendly Wed. Aug 28th at high noon.
Due to a recent leadership change, we may be in the guide as either the ‘Department of Mobility’ or the shiny new name ‘Dimension of Accessibility’. Please visit!
We still have a limited number of spaces available in camp. Contact Rat Lady at
Please pass this on to anyone that you think might benefit, for this year or coming years ! Any help is appreciated, visit
Dani Moore
Rat Lady
Black Rock City Dimension of Accessibility

fairy princess gift tent

9. The Fairy Princess Tent… (Anytime)

will be in hushville on the lettered avenue. this is a sweet little tent, filled with various treats for all who wish to take a peek and
find something for themself or a friend. come visit!



10. Burning Survivors Walk to the Temple (Monday 6pm)

Join Burning Survivors as we walk from the Man to the Temple to celebrate those of us surviving cancer, honoring those not with us. Mon. 6pm, the Man
Please Join the Burning Survivors as we walk from the Man to the Temple to celebrate those of us surviving cancer, honoring those not with us. We will celebrate being ALIVE! We will honor the fight, the spirit and the challenge that is cancer. This year we walk on MONDAY at 6pm-7pm. Meet at the 12:00 side of the Man.



11. Burning Man 50k AND 5k (Wednesday 5am)
Choose your distance
Don’t forget your running shoes when packing for the playa – pick from the 5k and the 50k.
Black Rock City’s running races are a great way to see the playa in a different way, while getting that all-natural high. Run as fast or as slow as you want. Come join the fun.
Volunteers for both races and pacers wanted for the 50k – contact for more info.
More more info about the 5k:
And the ultramarathon:



12. NYC CORE 2013: Star of the City (Thursday 5:30pm)

The piece burns Thursday night at 9 pm. All fire safety team members need to be at our meeting place (TBA) at 5:30PM. PLEASE DON’T BE LATE. I will be going over our emergency plan and procedures then giving you your laminates and your vests which will mark you as fire perimeter team. We will then all WALK over to the piece and start the perimeter. There WILL NOT be a space for you to lock up your bike inside the perimeter so either leave your bike at camp or be prepared to have it outside of the crowd of people.

You all need to be or have the following:
Non-confrontational – Have a head lamp!! – Bandanna in case of a dust storm – Goggles – Water!, Wearing fire retardant natural fiber clothing (will be asked to leave if not dressed properly). This means jeans, cotton, natural fibers or leather.
You WILL NOT be on the team if you are wearing the following: – Feathers, plether, faux fur, spandex any sort of poly stretchy cloth
We will start a small tight ring around the piece and slowly walk towards the rope being assertive, but polite. You are the host, they are the guests. Anyone not wearing a laminate will not be allowed into the perimeter. We will hold this circle while they fuel and then light the piece. Only after height has fallen to the point where it can no longer hurt anyone and myself and the FAST team have agreed it is no longer a danger, and  I have given you the signal are you to drop the perimeter.
I will be roaming the whole perimeter and will be coming by to check on all of you throughout the whole process. Once the perimeter has dropped we will meet back at an appointed space so I can get a headcount and you are free to go.
I have included a link here please read it all and specifically “Step Four on playa” as this is the most important for you all.
If you have a friend who wants to participate please send them my way, we still have a couple of openings.

Molly Rose
Fire Safety Lead
The Star of the City Core Team
707 363 5513
**timings are subject to change, as all things at Burning Man are. You will have exact times and meeting locations before you leave for playa.



13. Support the Empire Fire Collective! (Saturday Night)

The Empire Fire Collective will be proudly representing NYC in this year’s Fire Conclave on Burn Night. We have worked hard over the past three months and are extremely honored to be part of this great tradition.
Show your local conclave some love and follow us on: Facebook:
Twitter: @EmpireFireCollective
You can also help get the Empire Fire Collective to the playa by purchasing a limited edition, semi-fabulous decal on Etsy: Empire Fire Collective – Etsy
See you all at the burn!





Zhenya Shabs


*(Wednesday 6pm  in front of  Kostume Kult and Thursday morning @ The Temple)

Her Life Celebration

Zhenya was a unique individual much loved by all who knew her and her passing was and is an opportunity to honor her life, style, and gracious humanity while reflecting on how lucky we are to be part of a community with people like her.

An alter will be set up somewhere on the east side of the Temple.  We encourage people to bring photos to add to the memorial.  You can also write messages and read stories about her.

On Thursday morning, we will attach a locket of her hair to the end of a White Balloon Chain line and fly it over the temple during the sunrise.  The line will be made on Wednesday, 6PM in front of Kostume Kult frontage (3:15 & Esplanade).  People will have the opportunity to write messages to her on the white balloons.  You’ll also have a second chance just prior to sunrise at the temple.  Both times, we will toast her life with a shot of Vodka.   Let her fly high and give her the best view of the Playa.

Andrew Sewell


*(Thursday 2pm 830 & Esplanade)

By now most of you have heard…
Dr. Andrew Sewell, aka Dr. Mercury – the outspoken Connecticut Regional -is no longer with us.

He was an instrumental part of the Connecticut Burner scene. He was a highly intelligent, clever, irreverent human being with a wicked sense of humor and the ability to share insightfully and intelligently with just about anyone. He is missed greatly already.

In honor of, and to celebrate the life of, this most interesting of fellows, I propose that anyone who is interested please join me in traveling out to the Temple to honor his passing Thursday from 2-4:00PM. Meeting at AutoSub-8:30 & Esplanade, around 2:00PM and heading to the Temple around 2:30PM. Many of us have lost someone in the past year and although we all mourn and celebrate in our own ways, I feel that as a community it would be nice to visit and remember one who was so part of and instrumental to, and in, our community


Douglas Ruuska

1/4 Boston